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The Rise of Skywalker episode IX – Star Wars

After the Star Wars Episode VIII – The Last Jedi comes the thrilling continuation of this Star Wars trilogy with The Rise of Skywalker Episode IX.
Directed by J.J. Abrams this film promises a lot of excitement and lead us to a galaxy very far, far away!!

Watching the trailer a few days ago we found that Rey, Finn, and Poe run away from stormtroopers in a desert chase. In this last episode Rey will be facing his fate and the return of an old enemy.

Unfortunately this is said to be the end of this epic saga, but we believe that will be more to come.
Here you can watch a movie trailer:

Here at mymangaanime we also adore Star Wars and collect the best pops related to this film.

Best things first 🙂

The Supreme Leader Kylo Ren funko pop is absolutely amazing! The combination of black with red is astonishing and that’s very positive. This is a boblehead pop, when you touch it the head swings back and front. In a more detailed view you can see some cracks and scratches in the helmet and cover witch looks amazing and give him a more threatening look. Watch his pose grabbing the translucid saber witch if you touch will bend slightly.

Kylo Ren funko popKylo Ren funko pop figure 2


In this another amazing Funko POP Kylo Ren is riding in his whisper:
Funko POP Kylo Ren is riding in his whisperFunko POP Kylo Ren is riding in his whisper Figure 2


Now let’s look at the comeback of Lando Carlisan, this great character in star wars universe. This is a great representation o Billy Dee Williams, this Lando Carlisan Funko POP is well done, with a classic color representation and Lando is with a expression in his face showing no interest or that nothing will surprise him, and that is very funny characteristic looking at this POP. Also look at the blaster he is grabbing. Glad that this character comeback after the empty hole left by Harrison Ford on Hans Solo character.

Lando Carlisan Funko POPHans Solo Funko POP

And at last Rose a charachter that is not very loved by star wars fans specially after the Last Jedy.

Rose Funko POP Rose Funko POP Figure 2